Inexpensive Wines – Myths About Paying Too Much For Wine

Forget the snobs who dismiss what they call cheap wines, and brag about Chateau Lafitte and Montrachet wines they have sampled–these usually go for over $10,000 a bottle!

Having tasted wines for over 20 years, I can tell you that to spend over $12 a bottle, unless one is lazy, stupid or filthy rich, is a sin. Most wines I buy are under $10, rarely $15. And I buy them retail. I feel equally amused by those who claim that an 18 or 21 year aged scotch is far superior to a 12 year scotch. It is not, and the effect is what experts call Psychosomatic

There are three things you should know about a good wine. Taste, Aroma and Aftertaste. They coincide with what professional wine tasters call Nose and Mouth. They add Hue as the third characteristic, but that is not necessary. Remember taste, aroma and aftertaste and you will not go wrong with your judgement of most wines. It is a little difficult with white wines which are chilled and therefore mask some of the deficiency with the combination of chill and condensation. So most of what is discussed here applies to reds and some to rose wines.

Here is what should you should look for in these three categories.

When you sip wine, it should be smooth if it is of heavier and sweeter variety, what experts call buttery or creamy. It should be pleasantly tangy if it is lighter and drier.

The aroma should be true to its ingredients and only one should slightly overpower others. So if the bottle says it is aromatic of currants, raspberries and oak, and it has oaky or woody taste, that should be a suggestion or hint of taste, not “in your face” taste on your palette.

The aftertaste should be pleasant, not bitter. The better the wine, the more mature the aftertaste. Aftertaste also helps pair foods with the wine. The more robust aftertaste goes with denser foods like beef.

One aspect of price I will agree with the experts. Stay away from large batched, commercial wines which also come in 1 litre bottles. These are cheap, and have terrible aftertaste.They are mass produced for backyard parties where people quickly forget about wine and party till they cannot remember what they drank.

Buy your wines only at a boutique wine store. Several benefits of shopping at wine stores. They welcome wine customers and will engage in meaningful conversations about wines from different regions, their differences etc. Most people think they are expensive. They are not. They may carry expensive wines, but they also carry moderately priced wines. The good thing is they are careful and often meticulous with their selection of wine. Rarely will you get bad advice about wine in a wine store. They also value repeat customers. Plus you will find wine from vineyards that do not mass produce, so love their wine. I would gladly pay a couple of dollars more and have a very pleasant experience with my wine, than go for commercial wine that taste flat and boring.

So if the shop says Liquor store and they sell wine, avoid it. True wine purveyors carry mostly wine, not booze and beer. I love to shop at grocery stores–for groceries, not wine. Similarly, liquor stores are great for gin and beer and scotch and whiskey. Not wine.

Good luck and happy sipping.

Why Should You Buy Wine Online

Wine shopping should be a fun and even an enlightening experience but all too often the opposite is true. Have you ever become frustrated trying to learn more about a particular wine, varietal or winery? Are salespeople in retail liquor stores of any value to you? Which wine description should you go by when reading differing information online about the same wine? How much time have you wasted attempting to find a specific wine? Read on to turn these frustrations into positive wine shopping experiences.

What Makes a Wine Good?

Wine preferences like food, are very individual as we each have different tastes. Each of us also has a uniquely developed palate when it comes to tasting the nuances in wines. There are many wine critics out there but please realize that a wine rating is only a starting point when it comes to determining your opinion about a specific wine. Learning how to taste and evaluate wine for yourself will provide you with more enjoyment in shopping and drinking. Guidance on becoming your own wine critic has immensely more value than the guidance offered by the experts. However, this won’t apply to collectable and other high-end wines as the criteria for purchasing may be very different. Many aspects of wine selecting, tasting, serving, drinking, food pairing and even sending back a bad bottle in a restaurant can be fun when you’re equipped with the right information. A good wine is a wine which you enjoy; period!

Who’s Opinion Should You Trust?

It’s pretty rare to find a retail wine shop with a knowledgeable staff. Yes there are some, especially when the owner is a wine aficionado but they may not be familiar with the wines which interest you or they may not be available. Consider yourself blessed or lucky when a retail wine shop has a shelf-talker for a wine which interests you. At least the information on these notes comes from the winery and will usually accurately reflect what’s in the bottle; especially if there are winemaker comments. On the other hand, the internet provides all the information you can possible want on most things and that includes wine. But, which information should you believe and go by as you’re sure to find many discrepancies in the descriptions of the same wine. Reading different descriptions for the same wine has driven me up a wall for years and unfortunately it happens all the time when shopping for wine online.

I believe that the best bet is to go by what the winery publishes on their products. Searching for the winery’s own website and digging for what you want to know can become a full-time job when comparing even a few wines but often it’s a necessary evil. A website which culls information from the winery’s sites is a great time saver and convenience. Links to the sites of the wineries from one place would also be convenient.

Finding a Specific Wine

Attempting to find a specific wine which caught a persons’ palate is apparently a common occurrence. With over a quarter million different wines on the market and different laws and distribution systems in each state, this can easily become a time-wasting exercise in futility. Finding wines which are rated high, especially when the production is or was limited, and finding it in stock and at a good price, can take a lot of time and effort. This is especially true of the highly rated wines listed on many virtual online wine shops who don’t actually have the inventory. While nobody or company has access to every wine out there, a good wine shop is more than happy to attempt to locate wines which they normally don’t stock. A Special Request service would be a welcome addition to any wine store.

The Bottom Line

Summing up indicates that shopping for wine online will save you a lot of time while usually saving you plenty of money too. Overhead expenses for online stores are much lower than retail stores and you will usually pay less when all is said and done.

The pleasure of becoming a more knowledgeable consumer in a fun way will also lead to a deeper enjoyment when drinking wine. The convenience of home delivery instead of carrying home a 40 lb. case of wine is also meaningful to many people. Yea, we usually need to pay shipping charges when we buy wine online and there is also an extra fee from the shipper regarding adult signature requirements but sales tax is usually avoided when purchasing wine out of state. However, there are often specials for free shipping from some of the larger online wine shops.

Wine Store: Finding The Right One For Your Taste

Purchasing wine is definitely an intimidating experience. If you know not anything about them yet still desire to wow your dinner guests then opting for a fantastic wine shop is a superb place to start. The perfect shop could have a broad variety well as educated staff which will assist you in selecting the most appropriate wine beverages. In accordance with your height of experience in regards to picking out a wine you should have a different style of store from somebody who already understands what’s what in relation to wine. Which has a little knowledge about wine doesn’t hurt and can enable you to avoid buying the priciest wine bottle to make sure you then have a top quality wine.

One place where small-scale shops can let you down is on price. Naturally, these retailers don’t treat wine like a commodity and aren’t trying to get a low-price, high-volume business design. But except in cases where they dream to only providing a three-block radius of laid back, ignorant and/or well-to-do clients, they ought to truly not charge more than the full, 50% markup above wholesale cost. If they do, they’re firing the particular clients they try to educate and bring to the wine-loving fold.

Besides wine shops, there are numerous other places where you could get wine that folks don’t benefit from. Many people simply choose convenience and inexpensive options by purchasing wine at the food store, or possibly at a local off license. It can be nice to grab a bottle when you’re getting household goods, but stop for a minute to take into account a wine merchant. You will be glad that you did.

Once you decide on a vino merchant in which case you must find one. Start by visiting numerous wine merchants. Do some tasting with them. Speak with them. Your primary goal is usually to locate a wine merchant you can trust. You ought to be capable to talk with them for them to understand more about your likes and dislike and use that to allow you find you fantastic wine. Additionally you should choose a wine merchant that knows your financial constraints and that has got the skills to essentially aid you.

Employing a wine merchant over getting wine on a store is becoming a greater option. You will get so many benefits. You will not only learn to find more wine beverages that you love, nevertheless, you will spend money only on wine that you really like and luxuriate in. You’ll start having awesome experiences with wine and in all probability build a much deeper appreciation for it.

A wine merchant are also able to source bottles all over the world and can stock vintage options that you simply can’t find in other regions. As they can get in quantity, you can find yourself saving a bit funds too. With trade boosting merchants also are now shifting online. One can find fantastic bottles of wine both from their actual store in addition to the Internet, adding convenience to the service and being sure you have the wine you may need at a price which fits your budget.